Aimee’s update – 10 July 2020

  • QCOSS CEO Aimee McVeigh
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In this week’s video update, QCOSS CEO Aimee McVeigh talks about the need to fund No Interest Loan Scheme providers as we continue to move through the recovery, and the upcoming day of action for the Raise the Rate campaign. We simply cannot turn back to the brutality of people struggling to survive on $40 a day.

Take a look at our plan for a Recovery for All Queenslanders.

To support our calls to Raise the Rate for Good or to find out more about the day of action visit the Raise the Rate website.


Since the COVID-19 crisis began, thousands of Queenslanders have lost their jobs, or faced reduced hours with reduced pay – forcing many more people into vulnerable situations.

We’re facing tough times ahead, while also trying to see a path to recovery. The economy is about the behaviour of people.

That’s why we can’t have an economic recovery without supporting people. QCOSS is calling for an economic recovery for all Queenslanders.

As this health emergency continues and more Queenslanders face financial difficulties, we’re expecting to see unscrupulous payday lenders become even more aggressive in their tactics – targeting Queenslanders who are having a really tough time.

In our Recovery for All Queenslanders plan, we’re calling on the Queensland Government to increase funding to No Interest Loan Scheme providers, or NILS for short, to ensure better access to emergency credit.

Funding these community organisations is a natural extension of the important work the State Government is already doing to increase financial resilience of Queenslanders.

In the coming weeks we’ll be publicly announcing our NILS advocacy campaign – so stay tuned for more updates.

In our Recovery for all Queenslanders plan, we’re also calling on the Federal Government to Raise the Rate of income support for good.

With more people struggling to find paid work, we can’t go back to the brutality of people struggling to survive on $40 a day.

QCOSS and the COSS network have long advocated for a permanent and adequate increase to income support payments, and you can lend your support by signing up to this campaign.

Next Tuesday – the 14th of  July –  is a national day of action for the Raise the Rate campaign. Visit the Raise the Rate website to register your support and help us Raise the Rate for Good.

Until next week, take care.