All Queenslanders deserve equal access to telco services

  • young girl using a mobile phone
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Every person in Queensland deserves access to essential services like telecommunications. Yet we heard stories of Telco’s irresponsible over-selling practices and poor customer service at a recent event QCOSS hosted with the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN).

At the workshop and webinar, held on 11 November at the QCOSS office in Brisbane, ACCAN representatives discussed the new version of the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code, and what this means for community workers since its inception in June this year.

The new Code contains rules governing how telcos deal with small business, not-for-profit and residential customers. Participants learned about key changes including the definition of small customers, stronger credit assessment requirements, and better options telcos have to offer if a customer is having difficulty paying their bills.

ACCAN is the national peak organisation for consumers of telecommunications. ACCAN wants to build relationships with community organisations in Queensland and hear case studies and stories of community workers and consumers’ experiences in the telecommunications area.

20 November 2019