Bridging Troubled Waters - resolving workplace issues and challenging team dynamics

Encompass Family and Community
Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 9:30am to 4:00pm
Airport International Motel, 528 Kingsford Smith Drive
4 007
This workshop is ideal for those in supervisory roles and considers the tricky issues in managing workplace conflict and tension and restoring harmony.

Positive team dynamics underpin effective workgroups and when all is well, we may take this harmony for  granted. But when conflict or personality clashes persist, everyone is affected and productivity can plummet. How do you use your own personality and negotiation skills to ensure fair dealing while getting to the source of trouble? What strategies and techniques might help?

During this workshop we also consider engaging ‘difficult’ workers who resist normal supervisory efforts to change unacceptable behaviour. This workshop is for competent supervisors, team leaders and managers, who need a few more tricks up your sleeve in resolving workgroup issues and for those who want to avoid such issues arising.

Who should attend?

Team leaders, supervisors and managers responsible for workgroups in both government and
community agencies.

You will learn more about:

 An opportunity to explore what factors underpin workplace issues.

  • How to become effective in initiating “difficult conversations”
  • The games supervisees and supervisors “play” and why!
  • What creates an effective team? More than good intentions!
  • An exploration of what you bring to the leadership and supervisory role
  • How can Emotional Intelligence assist us in creating performing and conflict resilient teams
  • Woodcock’s Model of Team Development
  • Munro’s 3 troubling team dynamics and how to respond
  • Top tips for creating a high performing, conflict resilient team.