Cashless Debit Card Trial Hinkler survey results

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People in the Bundaberg and Hervey Bay region have expressed strong opposition and concerns for the Cashless Debit Card Trial, a QCOSS survey has found.

More than 100 people responded to the survey, with 75 per cent opposing the Cashless Debit Card trial in Hinkler in its current form. Sixty-five per cent of respondents reported they believe there will be no benefits from the trial in the Hinkler region.

Most respondents believe the trial will not achieve its objectives, may cause additional harm and that local community services are not adequately resourced to deal with the issues targeted by the trial in Hinkler.

This survey adds to the body of evidence against the Cashless Debit Card Trials that indicates it is ineffective, expensive, harmful, unsupported, discriminatory and paternalistic.

QCOSS believes addressing complex health and social issues, such as alcohol, drug and gambling problems, through the welfare system is fundamentally flawed.

We are committed to staying engaged with people in the Hinkler community (Bundaberg and Hervey Bay) as the federal government’s Cashless Debit Card Trial commences from 29 January 2019. Federal opposition Leader Bill Shorten announced his intention to roll back the trial in the Hinkler region if he is elected as the next prime minister at the upcoming federal election. QCOSS welcomes this announcement and we hope a roll back to be announced in all trial site locations.

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