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Supporting Families Changing Futures

It has been five years since Commissioner Tim Carmody QC handed down his findings into the child protection system in Queensland and set out a 10 year reform agenda to protect some of those most [...]

28 August 2019|Post

My Health Record Information

My Health Record is a centralised digital database housing your health information. The information can be accessed by you, selected healthcare providers and various other participants in the My Health Record system. From 16 July [...]

10 August 2018|Post

Seeing the signs!

Having founded Sanctuary Family Solutions in early 2017, Managing Co-Director Kerri Gibson wanted to understand her local family support services better and find a role her organisation could take up in the community that supported [...]

17 November 2017|Post

QCOSS Budget priority statement 2017-18

Based on engagement with members and the work we have done throughout the year, the QCOSS Budget Priority Statement 2017-18 sets out what actions we asked the Queensland Government to fund in the 2017-18 State Budget.

1 May 2017|Publication

QCOSS Commentary State Budget 2016-17

QCOSS recognises that whilst this budget has committed to funding areas of great need, it also recognises the lack of an overarching strategy by the government to engage communities in the implementation of the work [...]

1 June 2016|Publication