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QCOSS welcomes Imprisonment and Recidivism draft report

QCOSS welcomes the Queensland Productivity Commission’s release of its draft report into Imprisonment and Recidivism. Several of our suggestions from the QCOSS submission are specifically referenced by the report, including changing the counter-productive ‘tough on [...]

8 February 2019|Post

Disaster recovery preparedness

Are you prepared to support clients during the upcoming cyclone season? Below are some considerations for disaster planning for services providng accommodation to clients, eg. placement services and diversionary services. These are only suggested considerations [...]

23 November 2017|Post

QCOSS Budget priority statement 2017-18

Based on engagement with members and the work we have done throughout the year, the QCOSS Budget Priority Statement 2017-18 sets out what actions we asked the Queensland Government to fund in the 2017-18 State Budget.

1 May 2017|Publication

QCOSS Commentary State Budget 2016-17

QCOSS recognises that whilst this budget has committed to funding areas of great need, it also recognises the lack of an overarching strategy by the government to engage communities in the implementation of the work [...]

1 June 2016|Publication

Queensland’s wellbeing 2016: A QCOSS report

The Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) is pleased to release this report revealing the interrelated nature of poverty and disadvantage, highlighting key areas in Queensland which need to be addressed with better targeted programs, policies and investment.

1 April 2016|Publication