Energy Consumer Australia Project

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Along with other consumer advocates, QCOSS will be participating in two energy projects with the merged Energex and Ergon entity; now called Energy Queensland.

The first of these projects is to reset the amount of revenue which Energy Queensland is allowed to recover from customers in order to operate its distribution business between 2020 and 2025. The distribution business for Energy Queensland is essentially the poles and wires. In other words, this project will determine the size of the revenue pie that the Australian Energy Regulator allows Energy Queensland to recover from consumers.

The second project is the process of carving up the pie and will be in the format of a tariff structure statement. This project will work out the network tariffs which Energy Queensland will charge retailers for supplying electricity to households.

QCOSS has been funded by Energy Consumers Australia to provide consumer advocacy to ensure fair outcomes for low income and vulnerable consumers on these projects. QCOSS is seeking to ensure that the revenue reset is based on equitable and efficient costs that result in better value network tariffs for residential consumers in the 2020-2025 regulatory period. The advocacy work undertaken by QCOSS will also enhance understanding of the implications of the reset on low income and vulnerable consumers and inform policy responses to provide appropriate supports.

QCOSS will be making a number of submissions and holding a series of workshops across Queensland. If anyone is interested in finding out more about this work please contact Rose McGrath at [email protected]

4 July 2018