From the inside out – challenging social isolation and the repurposing of profit

Date:  to
Event type:  Seminar
Region:  Brisbane
Organiser:  QLD AMSRS & AES SYMPOSIUM - From the inside out – challenging social isolation and the repurposing of profit
Pricing:  Non-member Price: AU $ 240 (Inc. GST) | Member Price: $150.00 (Inc. GST)


Address:  Griffith University | Southbank Campus | Ship Inn
Suburb:  South Bank
State:  Queensland
Postcode:  4101


Name:  Leslea Clements
Phone Number:  0410 653 415
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Humans are social creatures. Our need to connect with others is deeply hardwired within our DNA. In a fast moving, modern and digital world, social and family dislocation, fragmentation and isolation is becoming more commonplace. The 2018 Australian Loneliness Report revealed one in four Australians reported feeling lonely each week[1]. Feeling lonely can pose a bigger risk for premature death than smoking or obesity[2]. In fact, in 2018 the UK Government announced the world’s first Minister for Loneliness.

Outside of the health implications, increasing fragmentation caused by local and global politics and media can lead to growing distrust in establishments and corporations, heightened anxiety and increases in extremisms, fundamentalisms and violent forms of protests.

While this sounds all doom and gloom, initiatives are being implemented by Governments, not-for-profits, social enterprises and industries to help bring people together, foster connections and increase the sense of community and inclusion. The notion of repurposing profit for a social agenda is also on the rise, and commercial organisations (big and small) are supporting initiatives to help achieve social good and foster connections within the communities they operate.

Research and evaluation are playing a critical role in helping decision-makers and change makers plan, design, measure and understand the value and impact of initiatives in this space, to give ‘voice’ to those effected, and in guiding organisations who are looking for a social licence to operate through building their corporate reputation.

This symposium will provide an opportunity for collective capacity building, knowledge sharing and debate regarding the concepts, considerations and evidence relating to social purpose programs and initiatives aimed at addressing complex issues of social dislocation, fragmentation and isolation.

Who should attend?

This symposium is for anyone interested in the design, funding and/or assessment of social purpose initiatives. Whether that be:

  • Social marketers, social researchers, evaluators, statisticians and buyers of these services
  • Managers and practitioners in policy, program development, evaluation, review, research, business and market analysis, social planning and community engagement
  • Government, not-for-profit and private sectors
  • Academics and students from faculties dealing with social and economic change such as health, business, creative industries, biomedical, environmental, education, law, public administration, social sciences
  • Social enterprises, social change advocates, community support groups and stakeholders