Screening for problem gambling

  • Inside a club with pokies lined up flashing.
Date:  to
Region:  Brisbane
Organiser:  Q Shelter
Pricing:  Free


Address:  Q Shelter, 515 Wickham Terrace
Suburb:  Spring Hill
State:  Queensland
Postcode:  4000


Name:  Emma Robinson
Phone Number:  (07) 3831 5900
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Those of us working in community services know that it is very common for our clients to have a number of complex needs and it is rare for someone to only need support in one area. Problem gambling will have a serious impact on anyone seeking support from services.

Why screen for problem gambling?
Research shows that of those who have a gambling problem:
58% of them will also have a problem with drinking or drugs
38% will have a mental health condition
In addition, of those undergoing substance use treatment, 20-30% will have gambling problems. Individuals need support for each problem if they are to make a full recovery and prevent relapse.

Problem gambling could seriously undermine progress in resolving issues with alcohol and other drugs, and mental health. The financial aspects will also have a significant impact on anyone interacting with the housing and homelessness sector, and could seriously impact the sustainability of a tenancy. This training will form a valuable part of assessment and intake processes.

The 2-hour workshop will be delivered by Lives Lived Well’s Clinical Services Manager, Gerard Moloney. Gerard will cover:
• characteristics of problem gambling and the relationship with mental health;
• the groups most at risk for problem gambling in Queensland
• the use of the Problem Gambling Severity Index;
• practice-based strategies including the role of self-help and brief interventions
• referral processes to specialist Gambling Help Services.

Afternoon tea will be provided for this event so please confirm dietary requirements during your registration