Strengths-Based Approaches to Difficult Conversations

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Region:  Brisbane
Organiser:  Lighthouse Resources
Pricing:  $440/Early Bird Rate $420 (by 25 July 19)


Address:  Kyabra Rd
Suburb:  Runcorn
State:  Queensland
Postcode:  4109
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Have you ever found yourself lost for words? Not knowing how to begin a potentially difficult conversation in which emotions could escalate?

In our work in the human services there is a diversity of moments in which we need to engage in difficult conversations. These conversations may be with clients, colleagues, staff, supervisors, supervisees or other stakeholders. In these moments, have you wondered how to raise concerns in ways that invite collaboration for preferred change?

This workshop offers the opportunity to gain insight into a range of strengths-based approaches that could open the door to working partnerships despite challenging circumstances. Strengths-based principles will be unpacked to act as a guide to respectful and collaborative processes. Key strengths-based informed skills will be offered to scaffold participant’s conversational pathways. The workshop will offer a playful environment to experiment and have-a-go at the skills demonstrated throughout the day. A variety of practice stories will be offered to demonstrate these strength-based skills in action.

At the completion of this workshop, participants will have:

  • Unpacked strengths-based principles to explore their practice implications for difficult conversations.
  • Reflected on the conditions needed for strengths-based approaches to difficult conversations.
  • Identified strengths-based feedback processes.
  • Explored constructive ways of raising a concern, in ways that separates the person from the issue.
  • Considered strengths-based planning to support preferred change.
  • Considered the relevance of the ideas for their own practice contexts.