Date:  to
Event type:  Webinar
Region:  Australia wide
Organiser:  Catherine Laherty
Pricing:  $35 for people with disability and their family members. $75 for workers, friends and allies.


Address:  This webinar will be held via a Zoom Session and log-in details will be sent to participants who register a few days prior to the event.
State:  Queensland


Name:  Tracey Foley
Phone Number:  07 3844 2211
Everybody needs and seeks help to make decisions from time to time. Yet for many people with disability, the right to make choices about their own lives is denied to them, or not supported well.

Presented by Citizen Advocate and Decision Coach Jenny Smith and drawing on her decades of experience, this webinar is an introduction to the principles and processes of true supported decision making.

We all learn and grow through the decisions we make. Instead of making decisions for a person, ensuring they have the support and information they need to make decisions in everyday life, and the support to learn from their decisions helps people become wiser and better decision makers.