Date:  to
Event type:  Workshop
Region:  Moreton Bay
Organiser:  Project Paradigm - IFYS
Pricing:  $185 for both days


Address:  North Lakes Community Centre
Suburb:  North Lakes
State:  Queensland
Postcode:  4509


Name:  Claire Morse
Phone Number:  07 54383000

This training has been partially funded by the Moreton Bay Council and is specific for Moreton Bay professionals and agencies involved with children and young people to gain a greater understanding of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

It explores the sophisticated models of recruitment (‘grooming’) used to sexually exploit young people as well as teaching skills in assessment and intervention with the aim of protecting young people and preventing CSE within communities.

Level 2 – Understanding & Preventing Child Sexual Exploitation

This workshop looks at the current body of research in both an Australian and overseas context and

covers the following key elements:

• Definitions and exploration of processes of control used in CSE.

• Common risk indicators found to be present in cases of CSE.

• Examining stereotypes and the use of language when responding to CSE.

• The impact of sexual exploitation and the needs of young people when considering intervention.

• How to risk assess specific cases to enable an informed approach to intervention.

Level 3 – Practical Challenges of Child Sexual Exploitation

This workshop aims to support professionals and agencies involved with children and young people to

gain a greater depth in knowledge and understanding of CSE and will cover the following key elements:

• Discuss challenges and barriers to engaging with young people resistant to change.

• Understand how to better support young people with additional needs.

• Develop an understanding of the potential for victims to become perpetrators, and potential ways to work

with them.

• Suggestions and tips for dealing with disclosures of CSE.

• Potential resources and techniques for problem solving.

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