Date:  to
Event type:  Workshop
Region:  South East Queensland
Organiser:  Tracey Foley
Pricing:  $50 for people with a disability and their family members. $150 for workers, friends & allies.


Address:  Twin Waters Golf Club, 151 Ocean Drive
Suburb:  Twin Waters
State:  Queensland
Postcode:  4564


Name:  Tracey Foley
Phone Number:  07 3844 2211

Presented by John Armstrong, this workshops introduces many of the main impacts of intellectual impairment. Participants will gain greater insight into the challenges that people face, and explore practical principles for supporting people to succeed and understand.

Participants in this workshop will gain greater insight into the challenges that people face in their daily lives, as well as gaining an appreciation of how easily others misunderstand and mistreat people with an intellectual disability.

The workshop will equip participants in practical ways by offering four windows to look through as a way of understanding people’s needs and how best to respond to meet those needs.

About CRU:

For 35 years, Community Resource Unit has been working across Queensland to help people with disability take control of their lives and take their place in their community.

The cost of this event is partially subsidised by a Department of Social Services grant. If cost is a barrier to attending, please contact CRU to discuss.

Please contact CRU if you require assistance to register, attend or participate in this event.