Everyone deserves a place to call home – the choice is yours

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As Homelessness Week 2018 draws to a close, QCOSS (Queensland Council of Social Service) is determined to keep the spotlight on the importance of having a place to call home.

Housing is foundational for getting and keeping a job, a child’s education, quality health, and for strong family and community relationships.

To make sure everyone in Queensland has a home QCOSS is asking all levels of government to choose to make this possible in its Housing Position Statement released today.

“Our Housing Position Statement clearly outlines eight areas where our elected representatives need to make different choices, so everyone can have a home,” said QCOSS CEO, Mark Henley.

“We know that when people have a home that people’s overall wellbeing improves.   And we also know that we as a community can make different decisions to make sure everyone has access to a home.”


QCOSS identifies eight areas that are critical:

  1. Establish housing leadership – to coordinate research, policy and funding to implement this framework.
  2. Reform tax incentives – to dampen speculative investment and prevent escalating housing costs.
  3. Increased incomes – to directly improve housing affordability for low income households.
  4. Reform and invest in social / affordable housing – to financially sustain a simplified and socially sustainable social housing system to deliver subsidised housing.
  5. Improve land planning – to provide for a better mix of social, affordable and private housing with adequate access to economic and social opportunities.
  6. Empower renters – to address the power imbalance between landlords and tenants by ensuring safe, secure, fair and affordable tenancies.
  7. Reform homelessness programs – to support people experiencing homelessness into sustainable tenancies by rapidly rehousing them into long term accommodation with wraparound support.
  8. Implement inclusive design and supply – to provide housing that is accessible for all.

“It is important to understand too that this is not just about one level of government but decision makers in every level of government taking responsibility,” said QCOSS CEO, Mark Henley.

“It would be great if the Prime Minister could lead the way by increasing the Newstart Allowance and related payments – this would be a huge step in affording everyone a home.”

“It is then critical for our other decision makers to follow.”

We also encourage everyone to connect with the ‘Everybody’s Home’ campaign calling for national action to end homelessness. You can find the campaign at everybodyshome.com.au; on Twitter at @_everybodyshome and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EverybodysHomeCampaign/.

The QCOSS Position Statement on Housing – at a glance (2 pages) is here.
The QCOSS Position Statement on Housing (7 pages) is here.
The QCOSS Housing Policy Review (33 pages) is here.