Everyone deserves to make rental properties a home – make renting fair!

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Everyone in Queensland deserves to live in a place where they can create a home – whether they rent or own their home. There are 1.5 million people who rent in Queensland and they all have the right to live in a decent, safe place under fairer conditions.

QCOSS is proud to be one of the 14 organisations who are part of the Make Renting Fair Alliance, a coalition of community services organisations who together run the Make Renting Fair in Queensland campaign. The campaign asks to stop unfair evictions, for tenants to get their bond back more easily, for rent increases to be fairer, to allow renters to keep their pets with them, to better protect privacy and to be treated fairly.

We need your help to make this happen. Join the campaign for progressive tenancy law reforms by signing up as an individual supporter on the Make Renting Fair in Queensland website and follow the alliance on Facebook and Twitter. If your organisation would like to be named on the website as a supporter, please email [email protected].

Along with QCOSS, the broad range of organisations who are part of the Make Renting Fair Alliance includes Tenants Queensland; Queensland Disability Network; Mackay Regional Community Legal Centre; Community Legal Centres Queensland; LawRight; Community Plus; Queensland Youth Housing Coalition; Youth Affairs Network of Queensland; QShelter; Mission Australia; Hervey Bay Neigbourhood Centre; Queensland Alliance for Mental Health; and Suncoast Community Legal Service. The Alliance is committed to creating a society where renting is a secure and respected housing tenure.

QCOSS recognises the importance of empowering renters. The QCOSS Position Statement on Renting, released in November 2018, expands further on the Make Renting Fair campaign issues.

Visit the Make Renting Fair in Queensland website

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