While the Federal Budget’s investment in services is welcome and will create jobs for women, it missed the opportunity to act on the housing crisis, says the Queensland Council of Social Service.

Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) CEO Aimee McVeigh said:

“Spending in the care economy, in aged care, childcare, mental health and domestic violence services is the right thing to do. This investment will support people who need help and create jobs for women.

“However, a proper response to crisis requires more than services. For example, women escaping domestic violence need the resources to re-build their lives. This includes an adequate level of income support and access to safe and secure housing.

“Domestic violence is the most common reason given for homelessness.

“There is no funding in this budget to build new social homes in Queensland or to continue a rental investment incentive scheme to support low-income earners. There are 47,036 people on the social housing register and 22,000 people sleeping rough each night in Queensland.

“If the current number of people on our social housing register got together and formed a town it would be Queensland’s 5th biggest town – the Town of Nowhere.

“The shortage of social housing and affordable private rentals, the punitive rate of income support and an employment market with insecure, short term jobs are contributing to a concerning increase in housing insecurity and homelessness in Queensland.

“The Federal Budget does not address Queensland’s housing crisis.”

12 May 2021 |Focus area: ,