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Changing Lives, Changing Communities Events

We are very excited to announce the next stage of the QCOSS Movement for change – a series of Changing Lives, Changing Communities events in 13 locations across Queensland. These events will build on the knowledge gained and actions developed on the second day of the QCOSS State Conference – Movement for change that was held in Brisbane in May.

3 April 2019|Publication

Carol Major: A pillar of strength in Woorabinda

Carol Major understands what community means better than most. She is a pillar of resilience and strength in the Woorabinda community. She has a deep understanding of the transgenerational traumas caused by the forced relocations [...]

13 March 2019|Post

Queensland Place-based Community of Practice launched

Queensland Place-based Community of Practice launched The Place-based Community of Practice will bring together people, who share your interest in place-based approaches and are keen to learn, contribute and connect around this important way of [...]

29 November 2018|Post

Annual Report 2017-2018

While QCOSS' vision - for a Queensland free of poverty and disadvantage - remains steadfast, our approach to delivering this is sharply focussed on changing the narrative. During 2017-18, the word 'change' became part of our vernacular as we created new approaches to ensure every person in Queensland has a good life. QCOSS is proud to lead this movement for change.

8 October 2018|Publication

The real outcome – a story of impact

This is is just one story that demonstrates the powerful outcomes evidenced by individuals using PCOMS. All names in the story have been changed for privacy reasons. Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre counsellor Andy believes one of [...]

14 November 2017|Story

If you build it….

Martin Locke tells his story Based in Townsville, Martin Locke is working hard to develop the housing industry to build new houses that are fully accessible to all people, regardless of ability or age. Martin [...]

14 November 2017|Story

Concessions make it a little bit easier!

In the 2017-2018 Budget the Queensland Government pledged to ease the cost of living through a $400 million boost to concessions. This included making transport more equitable through cheaper fares, extended off-peak discounts and new [...]

14 November 2017|Story

Annual Report 2016-17

'A Queensland free of poverty and disadvantage' is the mantra by which QCOSS undertakes all its operations. During the past 12 months, significant steps have been taken towards the end goal. It can be a challenging path, but QCOSS has not wavered in its resolve to ensure we are making a difference to people's lives, particularly those who experience vulnerability of any type.

30 October 2017|Publication