From Mark – 19 June 2019

  • QCOSS CEO Mark Henley
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QCOSS State Budget breakfast and commentary

After the state budget last week we were underwhelmed by the Treasurer’s announcements. In this budget, the government has chosen to focus on business and industry, and systems at the crisis end. We have repeatedly called on the Premier to articulate a clear vision for Queensland – one that everyone can aspire to which is about people and their community, wherever they live across the state.

We have based our commentary on what we saw and you can read that on our website. However on Tuesday at the budget breakfast, Minister O’Rourke and Minister Farmer restored some hope for community services in the work they have pledged to do during the next 12 months. It might not be visible in the budget papers but both made commitments to working with the community sector and building on the Thriving Communities agenda. You can read Minister O’Rourke’s full address on our website.

Our conversations with the two panels were lively and covered a lot of ground. What I will take away are that, from the comments made by our panellists, this is a government that wants to have a partnership and urges us – as peaks and the community sector – to have frank and honest conversations with them. QCOSS will certainly be approaching our advocacy with these commitments and comments in mind. We will also be approaching our advocacy to make sure the asks and needs we have highlighted for the community and community sector are not forgotten.


19 June 2019