From Mark – 20 November 2019

  • QCOSS CEO Mark Henley
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Wild weather in Queensland

Our hearts go out to all people in Queensland and New South Wales who are battling bushfires at the moment, as well as all the people cleaning up after the storms on the weekend.

There has been some wild weather in Queensland over the past few months and we encourage all Queenslanders to keep themselves updated through the Queensland Government’s website. The website also has information on how to prepare for potential disasters, as well as what financial assistance and supports are available – see their website for more information or the ‘In Brief’ section below.

We have also compiled a list of some of the most helpful resources for all Queenslanders too – see the resources section below.

Stay safe!

Have your say on rental reforms

We would like to congratulate the Queensland government, who this week announced a package of tenancy reforms in Queensland. The reforms are overdue and we commend the state government for committing to cover some of the issues relating to renting in Queensland. You can read more about the proposed reforms in the article below.

Additionally, we welcome the government’s ongoing consultation on these reforms. The ‘Renting in Queensland’ website allows people to provide feedback on each of the five stage one renting reforms through surveys and submissions. The surveys provide details on each proposed reform and the ability to post or upload feedback. I encourage all members to take part and have your say on the proposed changes.

Stop the Debt Trap

This week, in response to the release of The Debt Trap report, we wrote to all Senators and Federal Members urging them to support the implementation of recommendations from a review into payday lending and consumer leases. It has been more than three years since the government’s review of small account credit contracts and nothing has been done. Meanwhile the payday loan market has boomed and more borrowers are falling into a debt spiral. Let’s hope some positive action comes from this. You can read more about the Stop the Debt campaign in the article below.

Not to be missed upcoming events

There are many opportunities to have your say, get involved and find out more about what’s happening in the community sector. Here are some not to be missed events coming up over the next few weeks.

Human Rights Act information sessions – Information sessions on Queensland’s Human Rights Act, which commences on 1 January 2020, are to be held for non-government organisations across the state.

Path to Treaty community consultations – Path to Treaty represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to come together as Queenslanders to start a journey towards a future that is more just, equal and respectful for First Nations Queenslanders.

QCOSS event: Queensland ReMADE – How can we inspire hope and take courageous action to create the Queensland we really want? We invite you to join us on 29 November for a hands-on gathering, drawing on the wisdom in the room, to start developing a vision, common agenda and key actions for change.

QCOSS events: Changing Lives, Changing Communities – Across Queensland, communities are looking to work together to make a difference, to create a place where everyone contributes, matters and belongs. You are invited to come along to work with your neighbours and colleagues to make your community the best it can be.

20 November 2019