Australian Ethical Foundation Community Grants

Status: Ongoing

Region: Australia wide

Amount: $10,000 - $20,000


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The past few months have been extremely tough and unprecedented times for all Australians. Now more than ever, grassroots organisations need support so we can all persevere through this as one supported, connected and unified community.

As a business, Australian Ethical is driven by a bigger purpose than just making a profit. Each year it gives away 10% of yearly after-tax profits to charitable organisations and social impact initiatives through the Australian Ethical Foundation.

Grassroots organisations who contribute to humanitarian, environmental and animal welfare efforts in Australia and abroad are encouraged to apply.

Please note:

  1. Only organisations with annual revenue less than $1.5 million will be eligible to apply.
  2. Your application will not save automatically – you will need to click the ‘Save and Continue’ button whenever you make any changes.
  3. We recommend you start by reading our application guidelines. It covers all of the criteria and details of how to apply. You should also read the Terms and Funding and Privacy Collection Notice before you start.

For more information: