Australian Government – Building Better Regions Fund Community Investments Stream Round 4: Drought Support

Status: Ongoing

Region: Australia wide

Amount: $5,000-$1 million


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The Community Investments Stream will fund new or expanded local events, strategic regional plans, or leadership and capability strengthening activities that provide economic and social benefits to regional and remote areas. Grants of between $5,000 and $1 million are available. However, given the nature of eligible projects we expect most grants will be under $100,000. For Round 4 there is a total of $200 million available. For most projects grant funding will be up to either 50% or 75% of your eligible project costs.

Your location will determine the percentage of grant funding you can receive. You may apply for a partial or full exemption to your cash contribution if you can demonstrate that you are experiencing exceptional circumstances. For small projects with a total grant amount of equal to or less than $20,000, grant funding will be up to 100 per cent of eligible project costs.

Your project will need to deliver economic and social benefits to a regional or remote community. To be eligible you must have an Australian business number (ABN). You must be one of the following:

• an incorporated not-for-profit organisation

• an Australian local government agency or body as defined in the glossary of the grant opportunity guidelines

• a non-distributing co-operative They can only accept applications where:

• your project is taking place in a drought-affected location in Australia, as outlined under 2.1.2 of the grant opportunity guidelines

• your project is located in Australia and in an eligible location unless you can clearly demonstrate the significant benefits and employment outcomes, that flow directly into an eligible area

• you can provide evidence of how you will provide your share of project costs if applicable

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