Ian Potter Foundation – Community Wellbeing Program

Application Date: 26 March 2018 to 5 June 2018

Region: Queensland wide

Amount: $100,000 and above


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This program aims to help alleviate disadvantage and promote the general wellbeing of the community. It seeks to encourage organisations to participate in innovative activities or programs which enhance the wellbeing of the community, or which alleviate homelessness or other disadvantage arising from poverty or other causes.

Proposals for collaborative, multi-year projects are encouraged, as well as those that share knowledge gained with the broader sector. In general, the recommended minimum grant amount is $100,000. This grant closes at 5:00pm 5 June 2018.

All organisations are encouraged to apply regardless of their size; in the case of small projects, the award can be of small amounts over multiple years (i.e., $35,000 a year for three years).

Applicants are encouraged to have an alternative providers of funding as the Foundation is unlikely to fund 100% of the project cost.

Expression of Interest opens 26 March 2018 and closes 20 April 2018.

For more information: http://www.ianpotter.org.au/