Liptember Foundation Grant Funding

Status: Ongoing


Is your organisation making a positive difference towards women’s mental health in Australia? Or working towards building programs and support services that increase positive mental health outcomes for women? If so, we would love to hear what you’re up to and how Liptember funding can be used to grow your impact!

If you are an Eligible Registered Charity* looking to make a difference or have an innovative idea to support women’s mental health; you can apply for funding by submitting a thoughtful and detailed Grant Application that meets all of the Core Criteria:

1. Impact – Genuine and clear impact shown to improve/support women’s mental health in Australia.

2. Reportability – The outcome delivered should be succinctly reported and easily communicated to the wider community.

3. Awareness & reach – The project has the potential to reach wider networks to promote the outcome achieved to bring further awareness around women’s mental health.

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