Movember Social Connections Challenge

Status: Ongoing

Region: Australia wide

Amount: $140,000 - $250,000


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Movember sees an opportunity within COVID-19 to tackle men’s mental health by launching the Social Connections Challenge. For the Challenge, Movember is looking for digital/technology-based solutions that are being utilised to maintain men’s social connections and manage their isolation while needing to be physically apart. They are aiming to address the mental health risks of vulnerable men by exploring innovative solutions that can potentially be scaled for long-term impact.

Where possible, Movember would look to invest in longer-term collaboration and co-development of ideas to build evidence of effective interventions.

Priority groups:

  • Older men who live alone
  • Men who have experienced recent relationship breakdown/family separation
  • Men undergoing treatment for prostate/testicular cancer who are experiencing social isolation
  • Bereaved men experiencing loss and managing grief while socially isolated
  • Men living with a mental health challenge who are at risk of substance misuse due to social isolation or who are in recovery
  • Young men affected by education interruption or unemployment due to the economic downturn
  • Men from racially and culturally diverse backgrounds who are unemployed and/or socially isolated

The goals for the Challenge are to:

  • Identify digital/technology-based solutions that work across different groups of men to increase their social connections
  • Demonstrate that increased social connections improve men’s mental health in building resilience post-COVID
  • Share and promote knowledge of potential solutions through digital and technological platforms
  • Strengthen existing relationships/networks particularly during times of social distancing

There will be two stages of the Challenge: the first stage is the cultivation of innovative ideas (ideation) that can be shared; the second stage is the investment in the co-development of a select number of the ideas that have potential for further development and scaling.

Stage 1: Ideation – A selection panel will shortlist the most promising ideas from the 75 to be shared for co-development. Each idea that is selected for co-development will receive an initial $10,000 to license their idea. The licensing period in which Movember will work with the idea generator to co-develop the idea is capped at two years. This licensing period would enable Movember and the idea generator to thoughtfully plan the approach to co-development and testing as well as identify the potential for other avenues of funding.

Stage 2: Co-Development – $140,000 to $250,000 per idea. As an idea enters development, Movember will work with the idea generator to co-develop (realise) the idea.

This Challenge encourages interest from across diverse populations and communities and aims to build capacity in the broad area of men’s health.

To be eligible for funding under the Movember Australia Challenge, idea generators must:

  • be based in Australia
  • be willing to work with an external evaluation team once the idea moves into the trial stage
  • participate in a Knowledge Community, to promote knowledge exchange, share project information and learnings, and build capacity.

Successful idea generators will be required to work with an external evaluation team.

Submissions for ideas close: 15 October 2020.

More information and submission details

Contact: [email protected]

For more information: