Palladium Challenge Fund: Jobs for Refugees

Status: Ongoing

Region: Australia wide

Amount: Up to $75,000


The scale of the current refugee crisis is unprecedented and refugee resettlement is an increasingly prominent political question globally. Beyond addressing their immediate needs, refugees seek meaningful employment that offers them the dignity of their own money, independence, and an opportunity to integrate in their host country for however long they reside there.

Far from being beneficiaries of the host countries to which they flee, it’s increasingly clear that refugees can provide much needed labour, a skilled and educated workforce, and a source of innovation. Refugees can contribute meaningfully to the societies that welcome them as educators, employees, innovators, consumers, and taxpayers.

The Palladium Challenge Fund: Jobs for Refugees is seeking proposals from organisations with innovative and sustainable solutions to employ refugees or match refugees to employers.

It is looking for solutions that:

  • Offer innovative and cost-effective approaches to skills training for refugees with a clear pathway to stable and secure employment
  • Connect refugees with employers, be that through integration within country service provision, use of online platforms, or in-person support at refugee community centres
  • Make effective use of technology to expand and customise learning for refugee communities or;
  • Overcome barriers to employment, for example, to include schemes that provide childcare alongside employment or support with employee registration

Find out more. Applications close 15 October 2022.

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