Palladium Challenge Fund: Measuring the value of nature

Status: Ongoing

Region: Australia wide

Amount: Up to AU$75,000


Mainstream adoption of nature-based solutions by businesses, governments, and consumers, requires that we can quantify the value of nature, using cost-effective and accessible tools. Without common indicators and standardised outcomes, the power of this movement is undermined.

Companies must be able to identify the most impactful and high-quality ways to restore nature and mitigate harm, without greenwashing or double counting. Likewise, investors and funders need common indicators to understand the value and limits of nature-based solutions and their potential for scale.

There are many solutions to this problem and the Palladium Challenge Fund: Measuring the Value of Nature is seeking proposals from organisations with innovative solutions to impact management, monitoring, and valuation of nature-based solutions.

It is looking for solutions that:

  • Pilot new technologies and/or innovative approaches to valuing nature
  • Tools for measuring the effectiveness of nature-based solutions
  • Create frameworks for businesses to measure their environmental impact and match them to potential solutions

Find out more. Applications close 15 October 2022.

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