Invest in energy efficiency and solar for low-income households

Invest in energy efficiency and solar for low-income households2021-02-16T15:14:57+10:00
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People on low incomes are often locked out of new, cheaper technologies that can save households thousands of dollars on energy bills each year.

The economic challenge of the COVID-19 crisis means more Queenslanders than ever are under financial pressure, and the economic recovery has a long way to go.

Investing in energy efficiency and solar PV for social housing dwellings will create thousands of jobs during the COVID-19 crisis, ensure that more money is invested in local economies, and result in lower energy bills for low-income households.

emPOWER Homes: A Social Homes Energy Support Stimulus proposal from QCOSS, Queensland Conservation Council and Solar Citizens is a $215 million package that would install solar and energy efficient upgrades on social homes across Queensland, saving households up to $1,100 per year on their energy bills.

The proposal would create more than 1,800 jobs and stimulate local economies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Download our proposal to find out more about emPOWER Homes (pdf)

Read our media release

The costed total package is estimated at $215 million including:

  • $12 million of engagement and energy audits
  • $50 million for rooftop solar PV
  • $153 million for energy efficiency upgrades

The first $100 million will be spent as soon as possible to stimulate the economy, with the remaining funds to be spent over three years.

The package will see 1,809 good, secure jobs across Queensland over three years in training, auditing, installation, manufacturing and retail.

Each year, social housing tenants who have:

  • Energy efficiency upgrades will save up to $1,100 on energy bills
  • Solar PV installed will save up to $730 per year on energy bills

An estimated 50,250 social homes, 75 per cent of all social housing dwellings, will participate. Social housing tenants across Queensland will be eligible.

The statewide scheme would roll out first in regional Queensland with he option to prioritise regions most acutely in need of support.

People will be able to use the energy they need to stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Solar capacity in Queensland will increase by more than 50MW.

Queensland State Budget 2021-2022

In our pre-budget submission to the Queensland Government we have called for increased funding in this space. Find out more.