Casual Counsellor

Employer: Children by Choice

Region: Brisbane

Closing Date: 29 May 2020

Job Description:

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Children by Choice is seeking casual counsellors to join our non judgemental, all options, pregnancy counselling team. Casual Counsellors are on a SCHADS Level 5 and hours will vary based on availability and organisational need.

The Counselling Team comprises of four part-time Senior Counsellors and a small pool of Casual Counsellors. The team aspires to a culture of collegial peer support.

The Senior Counsellors have responsibility for decision making in relation to overall service delivery of the counselling service and as such will offer direction to the Casual Counsellors in regards to all aspects of the team functions.  All members of the Counselling Team will contribute to the effective delivery of the counselling service at Children by Choice.

Key responsibilities 

· Provide pro-choice decision-making counselling to our clients and their support people. Women and pregnant people are supported to make informed choices on all options relating to unplanned pregnancy, parenting, adoption and abortion.  The counsellor ensures that counselling is provided in a timely and responsive way, focused on the client’s needs, wants and circumstances.

· Provide informed referrals and collaborate on cases with other agencies, and expand supportive networks for women.  Seek up to date referral information for counselling clients, and health and allied health professionals, from medical clinics, pregnancy and parenting services, adoption services and other relevant sources.

· Record counselling case notes and client statistics in a timely manner consistent with confidentiality and professional standards.  Analyse and interpret statistical data and client  feedback on a regular basis, to inform practice and identify trends that may impact upon service delivery. 

· Advocate with or on behalf of clients where appropriate, particularly financial assistance to access abortion services. This includes assessing eligibility for a No Interest Loan and managing the donation fund process with clients within the guidelines of the Children by Choice Abortion and LARC Fund. 


Address: 237 Lutwyche Road
Suburb: Windsor
Postcode: 4030


Name: Daile Kelleher

Position Description: