QCOSS Chief Executive Officer

Employer: QCOSS

Region: Brisbane

Closing Date: 2 December 2019

Job Description:

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Chief Executive Officer for QCOSS

Lead our fight for equality, opportunity and wellbeing

QCOSS is Queensland’s peak body for the social services sector and a conduit for change.

Our vision is to achieve equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person, in every community.

We’re looking for our next generation leader.  Fresh from marking our 60th anniversary and the development of our new vision and strategic plan, we’re looking for a passionate and proactive CEO who can take us into our next chapter and beyond.

We need an experienced, bold yet diplomatic leader who will join our team, our membership community and the sector to lead the charge for equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person in Queensland.

Who we are

For 60 years, we’ve been the champions for people experiencing poverty and disadvantage in communities across the breadth of Queensland, in metropolitan, regional and remote areas.

We greatly value our privileged position of being a voice for all people in Queensland. We use our membership, knowledge, connections and influence to drive social change and fight for equality, opportunity and wellbeing for everyone in Queensland, regardless of where they come from, who they pray to, their gender, who they love, how or where they live.  We’re committed to self determination and opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We do all this through our advocacy, policy development, and engaging and empowering the social service sector and communities. 

We bring people together to help solve the biggest social issues faced by people in Queensland, building strength in numbers to amplify our voice. 

We’re driven by our values, our people and the people and communities we represent.  Our values provide the compass for everything we do: how we interact with each other, how we engage with our stakeholders and how we approach opportunities to connect, influence and empower. We live by our values of collaboration, connection, integrity, inclusivity, courage and tenacity.

What we’re trying to do

We know that when we combine voices, we build strength. As a conduit between the community, the sector and government, we aim to harness the power of the collective, collaborating with our diverse stakeholders to create social change.

We listen, engage and collaborate with our members, communities, our peers and other experts.  We tackle the root causes of poverty and disadvantage head-on, advocating for prevention and early intervention. Through an evidence-based approach, we help create understanding of the wellbeing needs of all people and communities in Queensland.

A big part of our work is to actively lead and build the capacity of the social services sector. We strongly support the value that community organisations provide our communities.  Through our place-based engagement work, we aim to empower communities to create local solutions and local leadership.

We believe by bringing real stories to the forefront, we increase understanding and connection within communities and beyond.  We listen and engage with people with lived experience and share their success stories of what can be achieved with improved circumstances.

We want a better future for every person in every Queensland community and we won’t give up until we’ve achieved our vision of equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person, in every community.


The opportunity and challenge

In 2018-2019, we articulated our new vision, refreshed our brand and narrative, and developed a new strategic plan to guide our work.  We’ve identified key result areas that will support the fulfilment of our plan across success factors, outcomes and measures. Our new CEO will have the opportunity to guide our plan and direct our initiatives and advocacy through 2020 and beyond.

We work with a diverse range of people, including our members, government, community organisations, social service providers and people with lived experience.  At times a tricky balance, we keep people and communities at the heart of our actions.

We know that a strong relationship with government strengthens our work. We use our seat at the table in the highest levels of government to work with, challenge and influence people in government to facilitate positive social change and help us achieve our vision.

We’re fortunate to have passionate, dedicated members in the social services sector across the State.  Our members are our partners: they provide invaluable support, collaboration and input into our initiatives and advocacy to help us deliver equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person, in every community.

Who you are

We’re looking for a leader that will ensure QCOSS, our members and our communities bring about positive social change through changing the narrative and through real, tangible actions.  In the face of unprecedented reform within our sector, divisive media and apathetic public, we know we have a significant challenge on our hands to engage people on social issues and give it the attention and support it deserves.

Are you the one to take it on?

We believe the right person to lead QCOSS and our new vision is:

  • Principled and passionate, yet pragmatic
    Do you feel that we are all in this together? We believe that our systems and society have created the poverty and disadvantage people experience. Every person has a right to live with equality, opportunity and wellbeing. Our new CEO will recognise the nuances in the challenges we face, balancing our passion for achieving our vision and the ways in which it can be feasibly achieved with our stakeholders.
  • A bold diplomat, with an understanding of the value of collaboration
    Are you able to bring people along with you, even on the most divisive and challenging issues facing our society? We’re looking for a leader who can connect and engage at all levels, being just as comfortable sitting with a person in a remote community as they are with a Cabinet Minister, telling our story and the stories of people with aspiration for a life outlined in our vision. Our new CEO will appreciate the value of our members and how important it is that we add value to the sector and community through our membership.
  • Ready to act, right now
    Do you have an entrepreneurial flair? We think that if you wait for the same, traditional ways of doing things, you miss new opportunities for change and impact. We’re looking for a solution finder who thinks laterally. Someone who feels the urgency in what we’re trying to do and will help us create new opportunities to achieve change.
  • Inspiring hope while challenging systems in a constructive way
    Are you a natural leader who is respected by leaders, peers and others in our sector? Our new CEO will have the ability to make the best use of our greatest resources in the community, in the talent in our organisation and the expertise of our members, by listening, advocating and empowering at all levels.

If this is you, submit your application to lead our team of knowledgeable, experienced and passionate advisers who are driven to create a better future for every person in every Queensland community.

Please send your cover letter outlining your interest and suitability for appointment to the position and resume to [email protected] by close of business Monday 2 December.

For a confidential conversation about this opportunity, or to request a copy of the Position Description, you are invited to contact our Board Chair, Matt Gardiner 0431 075 584.

In the interests of transparency and diversity, you are welcome to request a discussion with any Board Director at QCOSS if it is your preference.


Address: 20 Pidgeon Close
Suburb: WEST END
Postcode: 4101


Name: Matt Gardiner