Relief Worker

Employer: Women's House Shelta

Region: Brisbane

Closing Date: 5 August 2019

Job Description:

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Relief Workers are employed on a casual basis which means they receive an hourly rate with loading, and leave entitlements are not accrued on their behalf.

Pay Rates and conditions are in accordance with the “Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010” unless otherwise negotiated.

Position Purpose

Women’s House Shelta provides a multi-purpose Centre at Woolloongabba and provides outreach support to women and children affected by domestic violence as well as refuge accommodation at other locations for women and children who are escaping domestic violence.

We also provide a 24-hour contact service for women and children who are accommodated at the refuge, and consequently relief workers may need to carry a beeper and mobile phone to maintain this service if they are required for night or weekend beeper shifts.

We maintain a pool of relief workers who are available on a casual basis to fill in for full time workers while they are on holiday, sick or long-service leave. They may be employed at times for as long as three months on what is termed a “block” of work, or may be needed only for a day or overnight. They may also be needed from time to time to do special projects, which are apart from relief work.

Other considerations:

The number of workers in the relief worker pool varies, but we try to maintain a situation which allows permanent workers to find an available relief worker at any time it is necessary. This can be at short notice, where another worker is unable to attend work and they give no notice. We also aim to provide sufficient work to be available to relief workers so that they receive regular remuneration and remain in touch with work issues.

Relief workers need to inform permanent workers of the times that they are available. As far as possible, permanent workers try to rotate the work in an equitable fashion.

All relief workers need to have a good knowledge of feminist principles and philosophies, and will need to be familiar with the policies and procedures of Women’s House Shelta.

Relief workers will often be expected to work alone, and for this reason need to be sure of the policies and procedures that we have in place. They will receive initial and ongoing training and regular evaluation and, at first, will accompany permanent workers on practical tasks.

Relief workers will be expected to maintain strict confidentiality about any information they receive on behalf of the service users from permanent workers, and information which the service users may reveal.

A relief workers main roles:

  • Providing crisis and on-going support to women and children who use our services. This support needs to be based on a feminist framework.
  • Ensuring women and children have safe and secure accommodation in a non-violent space at our refuges and at Women’s House.
  • Providing clear and accurate information about the legal system, Centrelink, housing, health and other relevant options available to women.
  • Offering practical support such as welcoming women and children to Shelta, house meetings, shopping, writing letters of support, advocating for them with police, doctors, court, housing and other services.
  • Providing emotional support when necessary.
  • Spending time with the children.
  • Recording information about work undertaken with women.
  • Maintaining SHIP/QHIP statistical data
  • Attending Relief Worker Meetings when required
  • Relief workers will need to undergo briefings when they report at the workplace, as they will probably not be aware of current situations. They will need to know where to acquire relevant information to get up-to-date information e.g. message book, diary, Collective minutes, etc.
  • They will also need to debrief when they go off shifts or finish a section of work, and will write up notes in the relevant files so that information about the work they have undertaken is passed on. For these reasons they will need to familiarise themselves with the communications systems already in use at the office. They will also have an opportunity to communicate verbally with other workers before leaving work.
  • They will need to attend Relief Worker Meetings when they are arranged. If they have any immediate issues, they may attend Worker Collective Meetings to make their reports.
  • Relief workers will receive regular work evaluations.


Address: 15 Morrissey Street
Suburb: Woolloongabba
Postcode: 4102


Name: Womens House Shelta

Position Description: