Sexual Violence Counsellor/Practitioner

Employer: Domestic Violence Action Centre

Region: Ipswich

Closing Date: 28 November 2019

Job Description:

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The Sexual Violence Counsellor/Practitioner (SVP) would be primarily based in Ipswich and providing counselling and support to adults over 14 years old who are experiencing or have experienced sexual assault or abuse. The SV Counsellor/Practitioner will provide general services to clients, service providers and the community, such as the provision of phone and face-to-face information and referral, crisis counselling, advocacy, therapeutic intervention and counselling, case management and group work. The SV Counsellor/Practitioner will provide immediate and ongoing trauma-informed support to people (and their families) who have been affected by sexual violence at any time in their lives. Individual counselling and group work will be a primary function of their role. The SV Counsellor/Practitioner will also provide a range of activities centred on raising awareness and increasing the capacity of the service system to deliver quality responses that support the recovery and empowerment of survivors of sexual violence.

The SV Counsellor/Practitioner will be located on-site with the broader DVAC staff team, who mainly provide domestic and family violence services, with access to the informal support that this offers. It will be important for any worker in this position to be able to work autonomously, ethically and with limited direction at times. Professional autonomy and extensive experience will be an expectation of the role, as will an understanding of the needs and circumstances of women in rural areas.


Selection Criteria:

1.  Utilising a feminist perspective, what is your knowledge of the issues affecting people (women, young people and men) who have experienced violence (especially sexual violence).

2.  Outline your practice framework and experience in providing trauma informed counselling and support to adults and young people.

3.  Outline your experience and skills in developing and facilitating groups.

4.  Outline your experience in building and maintaining positive working relationships and partnerships with clients, colleagues and stakeholders.

5.  What strategies and skills do you employ to work autonomously and to prioritise competing demands, and in what contexts have you had to apply these strategies?

6.  Outline your knowledge, experience and skills in administrative functions in a community-based organisation. Please include reference to computer skills, data management, written assessment, case-noting and report-writing.

The full Position Description can be found on our website

This is a permanent part-time position (4 days p/week).  The day off is negotiable however Monday off is not an option due to service delivery requirements.

Please send a current CV along with a no more than 2-3 page expression of interest document addressing the above selection criteria to Liz: [email protected] using the subject line “Sexual Violence Counsellor / Practitioner EOI”


Address: PO Box 964
Postcode: 4305


Name: Liz Andrews

Position Description: