Team Leader(s)

Employer: Focal Community Services

Region: Ipswich

Closing Date: 1 November 2019

Job Description:

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A skilled practitioner, the Team Leader is responsible for leading a team of lower classified employees toward the delivery of a particular service/outcome. Responsible for all team related items under the supervision of a higher classified employee, the individual provides guidance and support to its team members (including but not limited to training, building and reinforcing capacity). Moreover, the Team Leader is responsible for delivering and implementing current and new services with the support of the Service Team.

The Team Leader has a special connection with the Service Manager(s)/Officer(s) and maintains continuous communication regarding clients and staff status. In addition, the individual is able to work autonomously and demonstrates initiative while involving Service Manager(s)/Officer(s) when addressing complex matters. In this setting, the individual also explores, designs and implements new services which fulfill clients’ needs and meet high quality standards.

Overall, the Team Leader is extensively involved in the supervision of both individual and processes.

Able to communicate with a broad range of stakeholders and share her/his experience of person centric support and empowerment, the individual should lead by example.


Address: 6 Canning Street
Suburb: North Ipswich
Postcode: 4305


Name: Focal Administration

Position Description: