VR General Practitioner

Employer: Inclusive Health and Wellness Hub

Region: Brisbane

Closing Date: 29 November 2019

Job Description:

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GP with a difference….


If you are a VR General Practitioner, who is  looking for an excellent (collegiate and supportive) working environment, the opportunity to provide services to a diverse range of patients, high level job satisfaction and a more than satisfactory income…… then the Inclusive Health and Wellness Hub (IHWH), located in South Brisbane, is the place for you.


How do we do this?   


      IHWH ensures patients are well supported and receive genuine ‘wrap around care’ through internal referrals to ‘on team’ allied health professionals including practice nurses, dentists, socialworkers and alternative therapies.


      Integration with community-based support services. These are provided ‘as needs’ by experienced support workers 7 days / week 365 days / year to improve care / medication compliance and support with attending appointments. This team are integral to facilitating ‘wellbeing’ amongst the client cohort.


     We are patient centric ensuring sufficient face-to-face time with clients building relationships with them to establish a safe and comfortable environment for healthcare.


      A dedicated public hospital liaison team ensure GPs and other hub-based practitioners are consistently informed regarding patient hospitalisations (when and why they occur) and discharges from hospital. This enhances the capacity of GPs to provide continuity of care.


     Comprehensive and timely patient information enabling GPs to deliver effective high-quality care.


     Work flexibility and negotiable hours to address the needs of our doctors and clients. Currently the clinic is open Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm with a plan to extend hours. There are no on-call service expectations outside of these hours but some ‘in community’ visits may be part of the job.


     The position offers attractive remuneration at 85% of Medicare billings.


 The Inclusive health and wellbeing hub …………………Inclusive in so many ways.

 Why not call us today to find out more about working as part of the IHWH team.  

 Please send through your expression of interest along with your CV to: [email protected]

 For further information please contact:

t: 07 3013 6050

e: [email protected]

w: https://inclusivehealth.org.au/




Name: Arif Mansuri