Linking social-outcomes to infrastructure investment - a discussion paper

QCOSS has developed an infrastructure discussion paper as the basis for engagement with the community on how to better link infrastructure investment with social outcomes.

On current trends the Australian population is forecasted to be almost 40 million people by 2055, it is important that planning for major long lived infrastructure happens now.  QCOSS is particularly keen to ensure that the likely billions of dollars spent by future governments as a result of an Infrastructure Plan is more closely aligned with the broader socio-economic objectives of community development and cohesion. This is vital as we need to prepare for a more equitable future. Well-chosen infrastructure investments now can help alleviate future disadvantage caused by rising poverty and income inequality in Australia.

Please read the QCOSS Linking social outcomes to infrastructure spending discussion paper and share your thoughts on these three key questions:

  1. What national and international examples of good practice in linking infrastructure investment with social outcomes are available for consideration?
  2. What opportunities exist for current and planned infrastructure investment to yield stronger social outcomes in Queensland communities?
  3. How can we measure and track the impact of linking social outcomes with infrastructure spending?

You can respond by answering the questions here.

QCOSS will share your responses in October 2015.