Local champions emerge!

  • Woman delivers talk to room of people sitting in a circle.
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The journey of more than 60 Changing Lives, Changing Communities local champions began last week in Brisbane.

The initiative is part of Changing Lives, Changing Communities – a partnership with QDN and ADCQ.  It is also an action from the QCOSS Place-Based Action Plan and brings together nearly 12 months of events, in 10 different communities, engaging more 1,200 people.

The people taking up the challenge of becoming a local champion brought together a diverse group of people with a range of different life experiences all of which will assist in shaping the paths of change.

Champions undertook a two-day program learning tools and techniques used in the Art of Participatory Leadership – intensive learning experience focussed on hosting good conversation to make change. The hands-on program supported participants to develop their skills, knowledge and experience in driving community-led change. They learned how to use their voice and process to influence and inform key policy reforms, and how to drive community-based action.

The hosting team from QDN, ADCQ and QCOSS presented simple and powerful models of participatory process featuring methods, practical advice, and supports. The goal was to support the people in the room to learn how to co-create, lead and influence in their communities.

The training empowered participants to explore ‘What will it take for us to be champions of social change in our communities?”.  To support learning the champions were offered the opportunity to step up and host conversations practicing the processes they learned.

We believe local champions are key to creating and sustaining change in local communities. While QDN, QCOSS and ADCQ are delivering Changing Lives, Changing Communities, we need local champions to help drive change in local communities.

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