Twenty-four hours out from the state budget, the Ai-Group has joined other high profile industry voices, the Property Council, Master Builders and QCOSS in calling for greater social housing investment.

Rebecca Andrews, Queensland Head of the Ai-Group, said there were many opportunities to build a strong and sustainable economy in the state post-COVID.

“A particularly promising area of investment is in social housing. Investing in these shovel-ready projects can stimulate local economies, create jobs and help those low-income earners most affected by the pandemic.”

The Australian Industry Group is a peak national employer organisation representing traditional, innovative and emerging industry sectors. Members include 60,000 businesses employing more than 1 million staff in sectors including manufacturing, construction, engineering, transport & logistics, labour hire, mining services, the defence industry, civil airlines and ICT.

QCOSS CEO Aimee McVeigh said investing in social housing should be one of the government’s top priorities in tomorrow’s state budget.

“Investing in social housing creates jobs and changes lives. The community sector and industries driving our state’s economy recognise this – it’s time the government does too.

“There are 47,000 Queenslanders who will go to sleep tonight without a safe roof over their heads. They don’t just need spare change, they need real change.

“A $4.1 billion investment to build 15,000 social housing dwellings would change the lives of tens of thousands of Queensland families, stimulate local economies and create up to 37,000 jobs.”

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