Make Renting Fair in Queensland campaign

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We spoke to Daniel Scoullar, who is helping the Make Renting Fair in Queensland Alliance secure much-needed changes to Queensland’s rental laws. Daniel has advised on a number of housing and homelessness campaigns, including the successful rental reform campaign in Victoria.

“Make Renting Fair in Queensland is giving ordinary renters a real voice in policy debates for the first time, which recognises how renting has changed. It used to be short-term or transitory, but now people rent for longer periods of their lives,” Daniel says.

“Policy makers are just starting to catch up with the huge demographic shift we have seen. Today, over 1.8 million Queenslanders rent their homes. That’s a massive change compared with ten or twenty years ago.”

Community organisations play a huge role in the success of social justice campaigns, as they bridge the gap between campaign organisers and community members. They can also inform community members on what is happening.

“Part of their role is to speak up and represent the people they support in public, like in this situation. People may not have a voice, but community organisations can give them a voice and represent their interests in public.”

The Make Renting Fair in Queensland campaign supports the state government’s five proposed rental reforms, which will improve the lives of individuals and families renting in Queensland. Read Make Renting Fair’s overview of the state government’s proposals here.

“These changes will touch on every QCOSS member in some way. We all know someone that rents. The proposed changes will bring stability and wellbeing for renters in Queensland,” Daniel says.

In Victoria, this collaborative approach, which comprised of over 70 community organisations and local councils, with the majority being social services, signed up to support the campaign, helping to build fairer rental laws.

The Queensland campaign would also like to see QCOSS members adding their name to these critical changes that will many locals, including many highly vulnerable individuals and families.

For the Make Renting Fair in Queensland campaign to be successful, Daniel says we need the Queensland community to come together and show the state government they support the campaign.

“There are 1.8 million renters in Queensland, and that group cuts across different demographics,” he says.

“Not many people know that the laws are being drafted, or they may not understand how fairer rental laws could benefit them.

“We need to spread the word and show the state government that this is an issue that matters!

“If we don’t, we could lose these changes and be set back decades in terms of giving renters safety and stability in their homes.”

Daniel says there is no better time than right now to support the campaign.

“The public consultation process has happened. The laws are being drafted behind closed doors as we speak. This is our last chance to influence what the laws look like. Now is our best chance to secure strong laws that give renters a fair chance.”

If you would like to support the campaign, please contact Make Renting Fair in Queensland or call 0402 596 297.

12 February 2020