We are very excited to announce the next stage of the QCOSS Movement for change – a series of Changing Lives, Changing Communities events in 13 locations across Queensland. These events will build on the knowledge gained and actions developed on the second day of the QCOSS State Conference - Movement for change that was held in Brisbane in May.
QCOSS is excited to be working with local communities in the North West Minerals Province to help create sustainable solutions and build resilient, prosperous communities. Along with the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors, we are developing a Community Resilience Strategy. This work forms part of the Queensland Government’s Strategic Blueprint for the North West.
Earlier in the year the My Health Record push was announced by the government and prompted some concerns about privacy of such personal and critical information. The Australian Government promised to fix it and a Bill has now been passed through parliament to do just that.
The Queensland Accessing Interpreters Working Group (QAIWG) is a coalition of non-governmental organisations formed to advocate for high quality interpreting, translating and culturally responsive services. QAIWG was formed 10 years ago in the wake of a Federal Government decision to stop funding what they decided was a state service – access to interpreters. 
The Queensland Government is currently working with a range of industry sectors to complete their climate change Sector Adaptation Plans (SAPs). QCOSS has been engaged by the Department of Environment and Science to sit on the steering groups for each of these sectors, aiming to ensure Social Vulnerability is embedded throughout the process. The next Sector Adaptation Plan is the Industry and Resources SAP, which includes energy, mining and manufacturing and is being led by the University of Queensland’s Centre for Policy Futures. QCOSS would like to encourage professionals to join others from the Social Service sector and participate in this survey (see Industry and Resources Sector Adaptation Plan below).
Changes takes a lot of determination, and QCOSS has worked tirelessly across 2018 to advocate across a range of areas crucial to the wellbeing of every Queenslander.
QCOSS holiday closure and helpful contacts
QCOSS hosted two events discussing the historic introduction of a Human Rights Bill in Queensland. The key note speeches are presented here.
The Place-based Community of Practice will bring together people, who share your interest in place-based approaches and are keen to learn, contribute and connect around this important way of working.
The future of the regulation that requires large supermarkets to provide the unit price (price per unit of measure - such as per 100g and per litre) on shelf labels, etc. for packaged grocery items is being reviewed by the federal government. Consumer advocate Ian Jarratt OAM lead the campaign that resulted the start of compulsory grocery unit pricing in 2009. Ian says “Grocery unit pricing is used by lots of consumers to get better value for money, but there are many problems with the present system, such as unit prices being too difficult to notice and read."