Sharon Boyce is a Toowoomba local identity, QDN Board Director, Chairperson of the Queensland Disability Advisory Council and member of the Toowoomba Regional Council’s Regional Access and Disability Advisory Committee (RADAC). She shared her story of inclusion at the recent Changing Lives, Changing Communities event held in Toowoomba.
Transurban (previously known as Go Via and now Linkt in Queensland) last week released its Hardship Pilot Outcomes report and has adopted recommendations to improve its hardship program. These improvements include the establishment of a new dedicated team to support people having payment difficulties; easier access to support; and earlier education and intervention. Transurban is currently implementing these improvements and it is expected that these will be up and running in early 2019.
Rehema Barry from Multicultural Development Australia (MDA), shared her personal story of inclusion in Rockhampton. Rehema was studying in Brisbane for over three years when she met her husband. Shortly after marrying, they agreed to move to Rockhampton. Rehema soon became apprehensive about the move after speaking with her friends at university.
Do you have questions or concerns about the Cashless Debit Card trial in Queensland? QCOSS wants to engage with local people and community services about the trial.
The QCOSS Connect events, which have just wrapped up, were an opportunity for QCOSS to showcase some of the projects we're involved with in communities across Queensland.
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We are very excited to announce the next stage of the QCOSS Movement for change – a series of Changing Lives, Changing Communities events in 13 locations across Queensland. These events will build on the knowledge gained and actions developed on the second day of the QCOSS State Conference - Movement for change that was held in Brisbane in May.
‘Changing the world’ has been Luke's top priority his entire career, and it is something he chips away at every moment of the day. As the Community Capacity Lead, Luke’s chief responsibility is supporting communities and the community sector to drive change at a local level. He is responsible for leading QCOSS's place-based activities to support community change and growth. Luke is also responsible for supporting much of QCOSS's work in building capacity and capability of the community services sector to respond to policy and local level need. By connecting this work with the policy and communications arms of QCOSS, Luke plays a valuable role in connecting local level learnings with strategy and policy across the three levels of government.
Every Child Central Queensland is an ambitious initiative seeking to make long term systemic change to a range of complex issues facing the children of Central Queensland.
QCOSS is inviting Queensland-based energy consumer advocates to express their interest in attending NEM training. Please complete this expression of interest form by Monday 10 September for the opportunity to be considered.