QCOSS strategic plan 2019-2023 

Our vision is for equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person in every community.

Our strength and focus lie in six key areas.

These areas are connected, together they enable us to truly create a movement for change; a movement that will create equality, opportunity and wellbeing for all people in all communities.

Why did we choose equality, opportunity and wellbeing?

Our role

We are a conduit for change. We bring people together to help solve the big social issues faced by people in Queensland, building strength in numbers to amplify our voice.

We connect our members, communities, the sector, other peak bodies, government and business, collaborating with our diverse stakeholders to create social change.

Our values

Our values provide the compass for everything we do: how we interact with each other, how we engage with our stakeholders and how we approach opportunities to connect, influence and empower.

Collaboration, Connection, Integrity, Inclusivity, Courage, Tenacity.


Rebooting the system

Overturning systems and structures that create and perpetuate inequality.

To do this we must convince government and the private sector that systems and structures can and must be changed to promote equality and opportunity.

Our success will look like:

  • the Uluru Statement of the Heart is embedded in constitutional and parliamentary systems
  • QCOSS’ policy development work remains strongly evidence based and focussed on subject areas that can significantly reduce inequality
  • systems change is informed by community need and the voices of experience.

Being in service

Supporting a service system that reflects the community in which it operates.

To do this we will mobilise the social service sector around a shared social justice mission.

Our success will look like:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled organisations are resourced to deliver services within their local community
  • local communities inform funding investment and are resourced to respond based on community need across the state – rural and remote, regional and metropolitan
  • people delivering services have access to consistent, synthesised and relevant information.



Starting a revolution

Building hope and optimism across Queensland through engaged, inclusive and thriving communities.

To do this we will restore hope for people and communities that they can influence their lives and communities.

Our success will look like:

  • communities have a say in decisions that affect them at local and system-wide levels
  • community leadership and solutions reflect the diversity of each community
  • communities have access to a coordinated approach to community change.

We cannot do this work alone.

It will be supported by partners, members and a thriving organisation.

Leading together

Inviting and motivating people and organisations to walk with us, because we are stronger together.

Our success will look like:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices and representation are embedded in all our work
  • a strong national COSS network is influencing national policy
  • peaks and industry bodies have strong relationships and are working on shared priorities
  • place-based work is underpinned by shared decision making between governments and community members.


Joining forces

Galvanising a force for equality, opportunity and wellbeing.

Our success will look like:

  • QCOSS members have capacity to build on their social justice mission and help shape their communities
  • QCOSS members are connected and engaged, maintaining a strong and resilient community service sector
  • the voices of our First Nations members are reflected in our work.

Walking the talk

Being a strong, sustainable, relevant leader to achieve excellence.

Our success will look like:

  • sustained robust quality governance practice demonstrating integrity and contributing to performance and transparency
  • a clear success-driven culture is in place
  • sufficient resources are available to deliver on the strategic plan
  • our resources are used to support economic participation of First Nations Peoples and social enterprise.