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This section provides a summary of our work. We update it twice a year to give you the opportunity to see the breadth of what we are doing in one place.

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We tackle the root causes of poverty and disadvantage and advocate for prevention and early intervention. Our evidence-based work creates awareness and understanding around the social, political, economic and environmental circumstances that impact on the equality, opportunity and wellbeing of individuals and families.

With a team of knowledgable, experienced and passionate advisers in community change and social policy, we advocate, collaborate and influence public policy to help us achieve our vision.

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Place-based community building brings together citizens in a place to address the complex needs of communities by harnessing the vision, resources and opportunities in each community.

Place-based approaches are long term, collaborative efforts which give power to the community in guiding systemic change, and contribute to a cycle of learning about investment and impact.

QCOSS has a focus on place-based work and community building because globally, place-based approaches are being recognised as critical to responding effectively to certain community challenges and building strong, cohesive communities. There is significant evidence and a multitude of impressive stories demonstrating real change that supports this.

As the state’s peak body for the community sector QCOSS is uniquely positioned to support communities and enable place-based approaches across Queensland. We recognise that we can’t do this alone – we are committed to partnering and our partners are many.

Our place-based work so far has taught us a lot!

We are now able to build on that to present our plan of action for place-based approaches in Queensland moving forward.

Sector building is about supporting a service system that reflects the community in which it operates.

A strong, capable community services sector is critical to build inclusion and ensure equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person in Queensland.

As the state’s peak body for the community sector, QCOSS is uniquely positioned to support sector building in Queensland. We are committed to working in partnership with the community services sector to deliver innovative, sustainable and more targeted services to better respond to the needs of their communities.

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QCOSS undertakes many projects all of which play a role in us achieving our vision – equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person, in every community.

You can search our projects by a range of criteria to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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As part of our role as a conduit for change we document and publish what we do, how we do it and how you can help.

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