Budget Papers

Towards the end of every year QCOSS makes a pre-budget submission to the Queensland Government. This submission is drawn from the views of our members - gathered through individual submissions, forums across Queensland, and regular collaboration with a range of peak organisations. It is supported by comprehensive research of national and international literature. In early June the State Budget is delivered and QCOSS is briefed on any implications for vulnerable and disadvantaged Queenslanders. We work hard to provide prompt links to information and commentary on budget impacts for those living in poverty, and for the community services sector itself. QCOSS also host an annual budget breakfast – with our community sector partners – where the Treasurer and other Members of Parliament are invited to speak.

QCOSS has submitted its Pre-Budget Submission for 2013-14, calling on the Queensland Government to put aside a percentage of resource royalties, GST receipts or funding from other sources, for a long-term investment for programs that make our communities and their individuals more resilient and sustainable.

The 2013-14 financial year offers an opportunity to lay solid foundations that will have positive impacts for Queenslanders experiencing poverty and disadvantage for generations to come. The sector is ready for change. There is innovation, experience, ideas and a strong will within the sector to make the changes necessary to ensure continuing positive outcomes for individuals and families. The community services sector needs to be at the table, to be in partnership with government, as these foundations are put in place.

Submission Actions for change ... QCOSS State Government Priority Statement 2019-2020
Published: Mar 2019
It is from this engagement and our strong policy base that we have developed a priority statement – the actions that need to be taken by our Premier and her Ministers to make positive social change in Queensland and make sure that the is equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person in every community.
Report Are we investing for the change we want and need? QCOSS Queensland State Budget Commentary 2018-19
Published: Jun 2018
However, we are keen to see is that this investment is used to facilitate change in communities, to support access and engagement of all Queenslanders. The benefits need to flow across Queensland and to all Queenslanders. We want to see that all Queenslanders have the opportunity to have the good life they all aspire to.
Media Release Human rights are the shining light in the budget
Published: Jun 2018
Human Rights Act for Queensland is getting closer with funding of nearly $3million allocated over four years provided in the Queensland State Budget for this essential piece of legislation. “We were very excited to see progress on the Human Rights Act for Queensland”, said Queensland Council of Social Service CEO Mr Mark Henley. “In our Manifesto for Change we called for a government that leads with vision and we have seen glimpses of that this week.”
Submission QCOSS Budget Priority Statement 2018-19
Published: Apr 2018
For the past few years, Queensland Council of Social Service has been laying the foundation for a new way of working in Queensland. We have been building our expertise, building our connections and building the evidence to support this new approach. This approach was first hinted at through our 2017-18 Budget Priority Statement, was further articulated in our Election Statement, a Manifesto for Change and has been followed through into our 2018 Conference, a Movement for Change. This, our budget priority statement for 2018-19, does not shy away from these themes. This is work that QCOSS believes is fundamentally important if we are to build strong and connected communities and address poverty and disadvantage in Queensland.
Take Action QCOSS Budget Priority Statement 2017-18
Published: Mar 2017
We have now completed the QCOSS Budget Priority Statement 2017-18 and will be asking the Queensland Government to fund the actions below in the 2017-18 State Budget.
Report QCOSS Commentary - Queensland State Budget 2016-17
Published: Jun 2016
The 2016-17 Queensland State Budget is a solid budget for vulnerable Queenslanders. It provides funding for crucial areas such as prevention of domestic and family violence, universal access to kindy, investment in employment in regional Queensland and the provision of a range of social infrastructure across the state.
Submission QCOSS 2016/17 Pre-budget submission - a plan for social and economic wellbeing
Published: Jan 2016
At the core of all our work remains the individual, the family and the community. In particular, Queenslanders who are most vulnerable and at risk; Queenslanders who are living in poverty and disadvantage, or those who are at risk of falling into this situation. This submission is about ensuring social and economic wellbeing for all.
Report QCOSS Commentary State Budget 2015-16
Published: Jul 2015
The 2015-16 State Budget revealed positive signs the Queensland Government is listening to the community services sector, however it is essential the sector and the community is engaged and consulted to ensure the needs of Queenslanders are adequately met.
Media Release State budget sets the scene but what will the play be?
Published: Jul 2015
Today’s State Budget revealed positive signs the Queensland Government was listening to the community services sector, however it remains important the sector is engaged and consulted to ensure the needs of Queenslanders are adequately met.