Campaigns & Action

Take Action Advocacy resources for the 2017 Queensland Election
Published: Nov 2017
Take Action QCOSS advocating for change
Published: Nov 2017
This is a quick infographic guide to advocating for this election.
Take Action QCOSS Election Statement 2017 - a manifesto for change
Published: Nov 2017
Queensland Council of Social Service is calling on the incoming Queensland Government to govern differently, to work differently, to truly lead our state into the future. It is time to approach the many challenges and opportunities that we have with renewed vigour and an appetite for vision-led change. We are calling for… a government that leads with vision; a government that listens; a government that acts together with us all.
Take Action Social and community statistics
Published: Oct 2017
To help in talking to State Election candidates and raising awareness of local issues we have updated our social and community statistics tool. The tool contains localised data with key statistics such as the number of homeless people, jobless families and median income for each State Electoral District.
Media Release A light at the end of the tunnel
Published: Oct 2017
Policy Paper QCOSS policy statement cashless card
Published: Oct 2017
QCOSS does not support the expansion of mandatory income management through a Cashless Debit Card. We believes addressing complex health and social issues, such as alcohol, drug and gambling problems, through the welfare system is fundamentally flawed.
Submission Review of the cashless debit card trial and evaluation
Published: Oct 2017
This report reviews the Cashless Debit Card Trial and evaluation focussing primarily on the Final Evaluation Report released by the Australian Government in September 2017. The Evaluation by Orima Research, is intended to evaluate the Trial in the first two trial sites of Ceduna, South Australia and in East Kimberley, Western Australia. As well as analysing the Final Evaluation Report itself, this review also examines the extensive expert commentary on the trial and evaluation.
Media Release Concessions available for more people!
Published: Apr 2017
Transport and energy concessions are now available to more Queenslanders helping to help ease cost-of-living pressures for these essentials. Health Care Card holders and Asylum Seekers will be able to apply for the electricity rebate (as of 1 April) and job seekers and Asylum Seekers are eligible for transport concessions from today!
Media Release Strong steps towards addressing financial hardship
Published: Mar 2017
Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) welcomes the State Government’s moves this week to empower Queenslanders experiencing financial hardship. Following ongoing advocacy from QCOSS and the community service sector, laws introduced today will offer debtors experiencing financial hardship alternative ways to reduce or pay off the amount they owe to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER).