Cost of living

Much of QCOSS' work involves advocating on behalf of Queenslanders from low income households and investigating and highlighting the rising cost of living they face. Our specific work in this area includes energy, water, transport and our new series of cost of living reports.

Submission Submission to the QCA on retail electricity prices
Published: May 2015
QCOSS has made a submission to the Queensland Competition Authority on retail electricity prices on behalf of low-income and disadvantaged households across the state.
Confused or concerned about supermarket specials?
Published: May 2015
The Queensland Consumers Association lead the campaign that resulted in most Australian supermarkets now providing grocery unit pricing (price per unit of measure), which makes it easier to compare the price of different brands and product sizes on supermarket shelves.
Submission Review of governance arrangements for Australian energy markets
Published: May 2015
QCOSS has made a submission to the Review of Governance Arrangements for Australian Energy Markets. The review is intended to examine the broad energy market institutional structure created by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) as well as the legislative framework that establishes and assigns functions to institutions.
Media Release Light relief for struggling Queensland households
Published: Apr 2015
The Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) welcomes today’s Australian Energy Regulator (AER) draft Distribution Determination however more needs to be done to help vulnerable Queensland households. The decision to reduce the revenue which Queensland’s electricity network companies will be allowed to recover from costomers over the next five years means that the average household electricity bill will only decrease by approximately $34 in 2015-16.
Media Release Deregulation delay good news for consumers
Published: Apr 2015
The Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) has welcomed the Queensland Government’s announcement today that they will delay electricity price deregulation for 12 months. QCOSS CEO Mark Henley said QCOSS had recommended the delay to ensure a number of critical issues were fully considered and addressed before deregulating electricity prices in South East Queensland, and it was pleased the government had listened.
Game of loans
Published: Mar 2015
ABC’s Four Corners this week exposed the highly questionable practices of so called ‘payday’ lenders. The report found that a growing number of people are sinking ever deeper into debt because they don’t know what they are signing up for or the massive rates of interest being charged.
Information on the electricity rebate for power card customers
Published: Mar 2015
Queensland power card customers in remote communities may be eligible for the Queensland Electricity Rebate. QCOSS has prepared a factsheet on the rebate for powercard customers to provide more information about the payment and how to apply for it.
QCOSS calls on Energex to consider consumer impacts in their network tariff reform
Published: Mar 2015
Queensland network tariffs are among the highest across the National Energy Market and significant increases in network costs over recent years have been driving rising electricity prices.
Submission Submission to Energex on its future network tariffs
Published: Mar 2015
QCOSS has recently made a submission to Energex on its proposed future network tariffs.
Submission Submission to Ergon Energy on its future network tariffs
Published: Feb 2015
QCOSS has recently made a submission to Ergon Energy on its future network strategy especially from 1 July 2017 onwards.