Electricity is an essential service for all Queenslanders. Access to electricity that is affordable and reliable is vital to our health, well-being and quality of life. Following the introduction of Full Retail Competition (FRC) in July 2007 which made it possible for some consumers to choose their electricity and gas retailers, energy prices have increased steadily. Responses to climate change will see prices increase even more. QCOSS has been funded by the Department of Energy and Water Supply to work, at the systemic level, on energy issues from a consumer perspective, particularly Queenslanders who are vulnerable and come from low income households.

Energy factsheets
Published: Mar 2015
QCOSS has developed a number of factsheets to help those who are facing difficulties paying their energy bills or who need information on how to reduce their energy costs. The factsheets include tips on saving energy, what concessions and assistance are available and what to do if you can’t pay an energy bill.
Cost of Living webinar series - Energy concessions
Published: Apr 2017
In April 2017 we held a webinar on the changes to the Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme (HEEAS). This webinar included information about HEEAS including the eligibility criteria and application process, and tips for getting access to the scheme.
Media Release Concessions available for more people!
Published: Apr 2017
Transport and energy concessions are now available to more Queenslanders helping to help ease cost-of-living pressures for these essentials. Health Care Card holders and Asylum Seekers will be able to apply for the electricity rebate (as of 1 April) and job seekers and Asylum Seekers are eligible for transport concessions from today!
Energy Savvy Families
Published: Mar 2017
The Energy Savvy Families program is a new initiative designed to help families across regional Queensland learn more about their energy use and manage their energy bills. Program participants will have the convenience of monthly billing and access to helpful tools and information to assist them in managing electricity costs.
Media Release QCOSS welcomes AGL’s a Fairer Way package
Published: Mar 2017
Salvation Army launches 1300 hotline to help consumers find electricity savings
Published: Feb 2017
The Salvation Army has launched its Switched on Communities education program to help people under financial pressure find savings on their electricity bills, including an electricity saving advice hotline on 1300 221 993.
Submission QCOSS informs approach to monitoring the SEQ electricity market post deregulation
Published: Jan 2017
Following the deregulation of electricity prices in South East Queensland on 1 July 2016, the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) has released a Scoping Paper outlining how they intend to monitor the market to ensure customers are benefiting from the move. This week QCOSS made a submission to the QCA which sets out a number of areas that must be monitored.