Electricity is an essential service for all Queenslanders. Access to electricity that is affordable and reliable is vital to our health, well-being and quality of life. Following the introduction of Full Retail Competition (FRC) in July 2007 which made it possible for some consumers to choose their electricity and gas retailers, energy prices have increased steadily. Responses to climate change will see prices increase even more. QCOSS has been funded by the Department of Energy and Water Supply to work, at the systemic level, on energy issues from a consumer perspective, particularly Queenslanders who are vulnerable and come from low income households.

Energy factsheets
Published: Mar 2015
QCOSS has developed a number of factsheets to help those who are facing difficulties paying their energy bills or who need information on how to reduce their energy costs. The factsheets include tips on saving energy, what concessions and assistance are available and what to do if you can’t pay an energy bill.
Energy submissions
Published: Sep 2018
QCOSS continues to advocate to ensure that all consumers, particularly those experiencing energy stress, should receive the supports they need to manage their bills and stay connected.
QCOSS Energy Savvy Families program champions
Published: Sep 2018
QCOSS Energy Savvy champions are on hand to answer questions about the Energy Savvy Families program.
Media Release Lights are dimming for the energy market
Published: Jul 2018
Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) says the recommendations in today’s report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on electricity supply and prices is a triumph for consumers. “We know the energy market is not working for consumers – particularly for those on low incomes or experiencing vulnerability”, said QCOSS CEO Mark Henley. “It is great to see this message repeated so strongly in this report.
Submission Submission to the Queensland Competition Authority about Guaranteed Service Level
Published: May 2018
Guaranteed Service Levels (GSL) recognise the essential nature of energy to Queensland households. QCOSS has recently been working with the Woorabinda community on energy affordability and providing energy literacy workshops. Through this engagement QCOSS heard about some outages that significantly impacted on this community. Under the current GSL, the people affected by this outage were not eligible for a payment, despite being without power for almost 24 hours. If this had happened in the Brisbane CBD, a payment would have been triggered after just eight hours.
Submission Submission to Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) Draft Determination
Published: Apr 2018
This submission focuses on issues of most concern to vulnerable customers and in particular we are keen to ensure that regional electricity prices are set in a fair and transparent manner.
QCOSS Submission to the National Energy Guarantee Draft Design Consultation Paper
Published: Apr 2018
QCOSS recently wrote a submission about the National Energy Guarantee outlining concern over the ability of the federal government’s chosen plan to meet its objectives.