Fairer Queensland

QCOSS’s campaign A Fairer Queensland – where no-one gets left behind is putting public focus on five key areas:

• Creating strong communities, families and children, and the importance of neighbourhood centres

• A minimum standard of living, concessions on the cost of essentials and a focus on developing skills and gaining employment

• Affordable housing and appropriate support services

• A strong community services sector

• A permanent Fairer Queensland investment Fund.

A Fairer Queensland outlines priorities for a significantly fairer society in a policy paper that goes beyond politics and looks at the core building blocks needed to reduce disadvantage and create a society where all Queenslanders benefit from the state’s wealth.

Media Release Property Council signs up for A Fairer Queensland
Published: Jun 2012
The Property Council of Australia has joined the Queensland Council of Social Service’s (QCOSS) campaign to secure ‘A Fairer Queensland’
Media Release Gold Coast signs up to A Fairer Queensland
Published: Apr 2012
Media Release QCOSS – A vision for a fair Queensland
Published: Feb 2012
Anti-Poverty Week Statement 2010 'A Fair Queensland for Everyone: Means Everyone Wins'
Published: Oct 2010
The Fair Queensland - Everone Wins campaign was launched as part of Anti-Poverty Week 2010. The QCOSS Anti-Poverty Week statement 2010 talks about solutions, fairness and a decent standard of living for all Queenslanders.
October 2007, Antipoverty Week Statement 'A fair go for all Australians, A fair go for all Queenslanders'
Published: Oct 2007
This statement explores rates of poverty in Queensland in 2007, the impacts of poverty on health and quality of life, which groups are more likely to live in poverty than others, the extent of Queenslanders living on the brink of poverty and the compounding impact of housing affordability on those in poverty. It also explores the geographic distribution of poverty within Queensland.