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The health and mental health needs of disadvantaged people require a strong primary health care system. People on lower income and experiencing multiple levels of disadvantage face numerous barriers in accessing the universal health care system.

Mental Health is more than a confined medical or social issue. It has also become a critical economic issue for governments. The Queensland mental health system is overly reliant on institutional, medically based care, with limited availability of health promotion and prevention information, a lack of choice of treatment options, and a lack of capacity to engage in partnerships, including with other departments, non-government organisations, consumers and carers

Submission Submission to the Mental Health Bill 2015
Published: May 2015
QCOSS has made a submission in relation the Mental Health Bill 2015.
Live well - A forum about mental health and wellbeing for Queenslanders
Published: Mar 2015
You are invited to contribute to an important forum to inform the development of the Mental Health Awareness, Prevention and Early Intervention Action Plan for Queensland.
QCOSS Health eNews Archive
Published: Dec 2012
QCOSS Health eNews from September 2011 to April 2012
National Health Reform
Published: Oct 2011
There are many opportunities for non-government community services to build relationships with Medicare Locals and Local Health and Hospital Networks to improve health planing and service delivery as well as identify gaps in the delivery of services.
Policy Paper Mental Health
Published: Sep 2011
Poor mental health is associated with a high level of distress and disability and contributes to social exclusion and isolation. This paper outlines QCOSS policy position in relation to the mental health of Queenslanders including key issues and recommendations for addressing those issues.
Policy Paper Health Equity and Access
Published: Aug 2011
Some people miss out on health services or access them too late for effective preventative intervention or treatment. More accessible and equitable access to health care benefits individuals, communities and society as a whole.
Policy Paper Social Determinants of Health
Published: Aug 2011
This paper outlines QCOSS' policy position in relation to the health of disadvantaged Queenslanders including the key issues and recommendations for addressing those issues.
Policy Paper Oral Health
Published: Jul 2011
Adequate oral health care is out of reach for many low income Queenslanders. Many disadvantaged groups are more at risk of poor oral health. This paper outlines the issues and makes recommendations for a more equitable oral health system.