Managing a service

Unit Costing Project
Published: Aug 2011
To support organisations in the transition to output based service agreements, QCOSS has self funded the development of a Unit Costing Tool. This is a strategic tool that organisations can use to determine the full-cost of service delivery, including what proportion of services are self-funded. For organisations who have yet to negotiate their output based service agreement, this tool will allow them to determine what level of outputs can be delivered within existing resources. The tool is currently being piloted and will be available on Community Door by late August, early September 2011.
Pay Equity Project
Published: Jan 2011
Information on the federal Equal Remuneration Case, the Vital Services, Decent Pay campaign. This page also includes resources for organisations to lobby for pay equity and funding to match and to address the workforce and organisational implications of their industrial relations obligations.
Consultant Register
Published: May 2011