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QCOSS has heard from people supporting place-based projects around Queensland that they would like more opportunities to meet, build shared understanding of place-based work, share information, skills and learnings, and identify opportunities for collaboration across Queensland.

QCOSS has therefore established a Queensland Place-Based Community of Practice to:

  • strengthen and consolidate Queensland’s place-based knowledge-base and generate new ideas
  • promote learning and peer-support amongst place-based practitioners across the state and
  • build relationships and promote collaboration across Queensland.

We have created the Queensland Place-Based Community Practice Terms of Reference outlining our shared scope of practice, ways of working together, and agreements around confidentiality and conduct.


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Join the community of practice

The community of practice is open to everyone with an interest in place-based ways of working in Queensland.

The community of practice will develop iteratively according to the needs of community members. We will host events, web conferences and share our learnings online.

So we can find out a bit about the interests and skills of community of practice members, we ask that you register to join by completing this form.

Once you have registered, you will be added to the mailing list and to the online working platform Network Spaces, where we can all share ideas, resources, questions, and information about upcoming events – we’ll send you the information when you register.