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Our policy and advocacy is about rebooting systems that stop people in Queensland from having equality, opportunity and wellbeing.

We believe that everyone should have safe shelter and be able to put food on the table, pay their bills and send their children to school with lunch. Our policy development focusses on the causes of poverty and disadvantage starting with affordable living, provision of essential services like energy and water, and supporting a clean energy future where no one is left behind.

We use an evidence-based approach informed by the experiences of our members and the community, and make sure the voices of people who use the systems are heard by our politicians and policy makers.

QCOSS’ work on living affordability shows that cost-of-living pressures are increasing and for many Queensland households affordability is the leading issue of concern. We work with policy makers and industry to develop targeted responses to support households experiencing vulnerability to make sure everyone in Queensland can access a basic standard of living.

With a team of knowledgeable, experienced and passionate advisers in community change and social policy we advocate, collaborate and influence public policy to help us achieve our vision.

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Access to electricity that is affordable and reliable is vital to our health, wellbeing and quality of life.

There have been significant changes to the energy market that have impacted on complexity, service delivery and consumer expectations.

QCOSS continues to advocate to ensure that all consumers, particularly those experiencing energy stress, receive the supports they need to manage their bills and stay connected.

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Water is essential to everyday life. That’s why QCOSS is committed to ensuring fair and equitable access to affordable water and wastewater services for all Queensland households.

QCOSS provides policy makers with input into policy decisions and regulations related to water, and we help to educate people on issues and policy changes.

We also work with utility companies to make sure that they offer support to consumers who might have difficulty paying bills and we ensure that relevant concessions are available to consumers.

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QCOSS believes that everyone has a fundamental right to housing.

The value of housing is more than physical shelter, it can also provide safety, privacy and social inclusion. Yet not all Queenslanders have access to stable, affordable and accessible housing and the rate of homelessness in Queensland is significantly higher than in the southern states.

QCOSS is taking a lead role in advocating for a supportive accommodation strategy to reduce homelessness across the state through bridging the gap between crisis and long-term housing.

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Income support is not working as intended because it does not provide the support people need to get back on their feet. People receiving income support are facing increasing financial pressure to afford basics like housing, food and essential services.

QCOSS supports ACOSS’ Raise the Rate campaign calling on the government to raise the single rate of Newstart, Youth Allowance and related payments.

QCOSS continues to research and consult with governments and the community on welfare reforms that unfairly target people experiencing vulnerability.

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Neighbourhood centres play a key role in Queensland communities, delivering essential social services.

QCOSS’ research found that centres want the capacity to do more with their communities; operate safe working environments; to support their volunteers; and, to be recognised for their role in the community, but they are stretched to the limit.

QCOSS is fighting for adequate funding and infrastructure to enable neighbourhood centres to respond from a flexible, universal, community development framework.

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Our campaigns

A recovery for all Queenslanders

The economic challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic means more Queenslanders than ever are under financial pressure, and the economic recovery has a long way to go. Federal and State Governments must ensure that people affected by the downturn are not left behind.

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