Prevention and early intervention

Disadvantaged Queenslanders are more likely to fall into crisis. People in poverty, and people marginalised by location, culture, language, disability, age, and critical health needs are over-represented in our expensive crisis systems (hospital emergency wards, mental health facilities, prisons, and the youth justice and child protection systems)

Prevention and early intervention programs lessen risk, increase resilience – and keep people out of these crisis systems. The cost effectiveness of investing in prevention and early intervention programs is now irrefutable.

Prevention and early intervention refers to a range of programs to prevent or lessen the effects of harm or crisis on disadvantaged people, which without intervention may lead to further harms including criminality and loss of life. Decades of research in Australia and internationally have demonstrated the social and economic benefits of early interventions for children, families and communities. QCOSS has lobbied for the Queensland Government to commit to an integrated, planned and evaluated ‘Early Intervention Action Plan’ since 2006.

Report Queensland Neighbourhood Centres - Community consultation results paper
Published: Feb 2018
To inform the Investment Management Strategy process for Neighbourhood Centres in Queensland, the Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) and Queensland Families and Communities Association (QFCA) facilitated five consultation forums across the state – in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Cairns, and one teleconference session. 82 per cent of the 122 funded neighbourhood centres in Queensland engaged in the consultation and participation was proportionately well distributed in terms of number of funded sites, regions and localities.
Submission Crime Prevention: Submission to the inquiry on strategies to prevent and reduce criminal activity in Queensland
Published: Jul 2014
The submission calls on the state government to adopt a developmental approach to crime prevention by targeting investment at communities experiencing poverty and disadvantage to address the underlying risk factors associated with criminal behaviour.
Submission Childcare and Early Childhood Learning: Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry
Published: Feb 2014
his submission responds to issues of access for vulnerable and disadvantaged populations in direct response to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning.
Submission Submission to the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry: Response to discussion paper
Published: Apr 2013
This submission provides responses to key questions raised in the Commission's Discussion Paper, released in February 2013.
Submission Submission to the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry
Published: Oct 2012
The child protection system must be redesigned to place greater emphasis on prevention and early intervention. Rebalancing investment towards prevention and early intervention is critical to achieve positive outcomes for children and families. Realigning services to focus on improving outcomes for vulnerable families and children must include interventions aimed at addressing core social determinants, such as education, employment and housing. This will have positive long-term impacts on workforce participation and economic productivity, reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect and reduce the cost of child protection. It will also reduce associated health and criminal justice systems costs.
Media Release Federal Government provides emergency funds for tenancy advice services in Queensland
Published: Oct 2012
Tens of thousands of Queenslanders will continue to be able to access tenancy advice services because of the federal government’s announcement today to provide emergency funding for these services to 30 June next year.
Submission From Mines to Minds: A Queensland Education Trust
Published: Feb 2012
This submission outlines our response to the Queensland State Government's proposal to use a proportion of mining royalties to fund an eduction trust in Queensland. In the submission QCOSS advocates strongly that any education trust be directed towards funding early childhood education and development opportunities for disadvantaged children as a priority.
Policy Paper Prevention and Early Intervention
Published: Nov 2009
QCOSS' 2009 position paper on prevention and early intervention outlines our continued position – there is an urgent need to look at the level of investment, the targeting of the investment, and the coordination, implementation and evaluation of the investment.
Policy Paper Child Protection
Published: Nov 2009
This paper outlines QCOSS' position in relation to the protection of children and families in Queensland including the key issues and recommendations for action to better address the needs of Queenslanders.
Report Cost Effectiveness of Early Intervention Programs for Queensland.
Published: Nov 2007
This paper reviews the research (including cost-benefit analyses where possible) of early intervention programs and early intervention service systems. The report was prepared for QCOSS by the Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW.